It’s a fact: digital tools have become a formidable way to exchange information, as long as they are employed well. The suggestion box used to be considered outdated: it is in fact very up-to-date, now more than ever. And even better than that: the digital transformation makes it benefit from all latest innovations. The antique ideas box is now richer and more interactive than it ever was. You should seize this opportunity and generate good ideas for your structure with the help of your employees.


Innovation via collaborative work: today’s major digital challenge

The emergence of digital work and the opportunities it offers have made competition fiercer. In most businesses, one has to stand out in an original way. A firm now has to show a strong personality and unique assets.

What better way to identify those assets than asking your employees? By being involved daily in their firm’s decisions, they know the weak points of the organisation and they can suggest new initiatives for their department. Letting them speak often generates surprising, outside the box ideas. Besides, employees feel valued when being consulted about the orientation of their company. This will make them participate even more actively to its evolution. All of this will create a virtuous circle.


Idea management: countless possibilities to improve your strategy

Collaborative work is the greatest strength to success in participative innovation. It has opened new horizons in terms of firm transformation. Some decades ago, employees used to submit only one idea, and this idea was never really debated before being applied. Today’s idea management system make it perfectly simple to consult other people’s ideas, to support them or to add details. Getting everyone to participate is the best way to optimise a basic idea. This will eliminate all superfluous elements and the remaining ideas will represent the company’s very state of mind.

Besides, idea management tools allow the employees to follow the application of the idea the contributed to. This shows them that all suggestions are being considered and encourages participants to suggest other ideas in the future.


The smartphone: a daily innovation tool

Our smartphone is at our side at all times and it can be used to transform the discussions between the employees and the firm. It is quick and easy to use: the workers can interact with it in all circumstances. When they take notes, or let interesting concepts inspire them wherever they go, they start acting for the development of ideas. Moreover, smartphones allow flexible discussions, just like an oral conversation. This way, ideas evolve faster and more constructively, thanks to a simple touch on the screen.


A real factor of motivation

This kind of discussion between a company and its employees proves to be fruitful and efficient: they make the structure and mentalities evolve on the long-term. Sharing ideas is good, make it a habit is even better: this is how a company can encourage employees to take responsibility in making a change. This is also an opportunity for them to progress and obtain a better position in the future. The suggestion box generates additional value and many surprises for both parties. By using it for your digital transformation, you will head into the good direction.