Digital work has become part of our daily life. A firm’s computer park is now expected to be updated, efficient and fully reliable. When an incident occurs, the IT services must intervene quickly to prevent all activities from falling apart. The evolution of employment and skills is mandatory today…

These last few years, innovative tools have been developed for IT service leaders to improve their management of the technical support. They offer an overview of any computer’s park and allow managers to anticipate low or defective resources. Those configurations tools make it easier to get prepared and to solve any issue.


IT management solutions: what do they offer concretely?

With their simple interface, an appropriate ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) solution allows IT users to get an overview of each computer workstations’ status on their computer or smartphone.

Thanks to the global view of all resources available and of the potential issues, the IT manager can quickly spot the elements that need a correction. He/she can intervene before they become real issues. Dysfunctional modem, paper jam in the printer or computer crash are identified and sorted clearly by the program.

Centralising this type of functions and having an overview of the firm’s hardware and software system also allows you to make changes and updates globally, without any individual operation. This way, the automation becomes almost systematic for routine updates and relieves the IT service from those time-consuming tasks.

Computer management tools are also an asset for resource management and cost forecast. They help anticipating the hardware and software spending that the firm will have to face along time. Besides, they prove useful for IT managers who become more efficient in their daily work. This approach saves money on two fronts and the workstations management tool is then rapidly profitable.


Flexible resources and project anticipation

Computer management tools’ greatest strength is the support they offer throughout the creation of a full computer’s park or the completion of a specific project. Without forgetting to insure a full web security
Thanks to their analysis of the firm’s aspects and data, the computer management tools offer resources that adapt better to the company’s projects in terms of material and programs. Required bandwidth, cloud space and specific applications are evaluated and suggested by the tool in order to meet all needs. The IT service can then choose their configurations and all options that adapt best to the firm’s structure.


Computer management tools on the market

The offer in terms of computer management is wide. It may be difficult to find your way through it. Most of the available tools meets the firms’ standard needs and structure (ITIL standards). However, you will have to gather information in order to choose the best product.
The main criteria that you have to consider are the ergonomy – on computer and smartphone –, the details of the basic system – it must cover most of your needs without any additional development – and the global cost over the years.

Octopus ITSM Software are one of the best names on the market. The ideal solution depends on the firm’s size and the desired environment. Just make a test so you can try the main functions of the system you aim for.